10 Fitness And Fat loss Secrets

1. Eat real FOOD! Eating organic and raw food as much as possible will give you the greatest chance to be fit and healthy. 

2. Do not abuse cardiovascular exercise! Sitting on a stair climber or elliptical for prolonged periods several times a week can result in increase levels of a stress hormone called cortisol which can lead to weight gain and loss of muscle mass!   

3.  Get to bed on time! Getting 8 hours of sleep is imperative if wanting to get in shape and drop body fat. Get to sleep by no later than 10:30pm every night. Lack of sleep causes major blood sugar problems and can lead to being diabetic!

4. Find the middle ground between working out, career, social time, and other things you love in life! Do not overdue it listen to your body for guidance! 5.  Drink lots of good quality water! Drink out of glass bottles whenever possible.Half your body weight in ounces per day is what you should shoot for.6. Be positive! Stinking thinking leads to hormonal imbalance which leads to negative health issues  7. Try to limit your starchy foods for after your workouts. This can change from person to person however this is a great start!8. Get outside with the sun as much as possible! The human body was not designed to sit under artificial light all day! Getting out side under the son has tremendous healing and energizing powers!9. Do not count calories! Focus on food quality not food quantity and you will find yourself eating less because the food you are eating is very nutrient dense and filling! 10. Focus on body shape not body weight! ( The picture below illustrates how weight is irrelevant. They all weigh the same however have different body fat percentages which make them look much different)