The 2012 Paradox

The 2012 Paradox.


We live in a time where taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions are merely a suggestion. It’s a time where there is a pill for weight loss, energy, sex drive, and everything else under the sun. It is a time where through technology we are seconds away from connecting with anyone in the word, however that few seconds is too far away to connect fully with the human soul. We have learned to make money at the expense of enjoying the things in life money cant buy. It is a time when we have become obsessed over a number on a scale; a time where the thought of following your dreams is reserved for the FEW lucky ones in life.


A time where communicating in person is a thing of the past. A time when we take better care of our car, clothes, and shoes than we do our bodies. A time where we make time to do the things we dislike and don’t make time for the things we do like. These are times where we criticize more and love less; a time when we consume more medical drugs, processed foods, and move less than any other time in history.  A time when we want to start on a goal on Monday and be able to achieve it by Friday.


We have lost touch with the fact that we must work hard for something now, to be able to enjoy it later. A time where we can build huge jumbo jets, massive sky scrapers, and everything in-between but fail at building relationships with others. A time where we “don’t have time” for our health and are shocked when we get sick. A time where relationships are built off possession and status not TRUE love.  A time where we know others better than we know ourselves.


We have become so concerned about the way others view us, that we spend our whole day living to appease others and forget to please the most important person, YOU. A time that we are sleep walking through life as opposed to THRIVING through life. A time that every day we wake up its one day closer to being able to retire because you hate your job. A time in history that we consume more caffeinated drinks everyday than we do water, eat more sugar than we do vegetables, and eat more fake meat than we do real meat. A time when love is measured by the size of a diamond.


A time when changing your mind, learning, and growing is frowned upon and looked at as being hypocritical. These are the days of sleep not being important because we have redbull and 5hr energy drinks. A time when curing disease with food and lifestyle is criticized and medical drugs in the only way; a time when foods that are thousands of years old are now suddenly causing heart attacks and other diseases. These are the days where the size of someone’s heart is trumped by the size of their bank account. A time when we assume that every day is granted and not a gift; a time when we let others decide whether or not the goals we have can be accomplished.


Remember the things that are most important in the world can be done by ANYONE! Rich or poor, tall or short, famous or not famous, guy or girl. And that is to look deep inside someone and let them know you love and appreciate them. Life is short so make the most of it!